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Our method of working WITH YOU proved to be the best ever.

Our consultation with you is the key for your satisfaction and our success. During that process we listen very carefully to what you like, what you don’t like about the style that you have now, we learn about bad hair experience that you had in the past and hair problems that you might have.We will give you the best advise regarding your hair with a full explanation why that will suit your face and your life style,what color and shape will compliment you best , how will you maintain your hair and more.We strongly believe that your happiness is our success and we work according to this rule.During the style cut you will take an active roll and be asked to participate on key decisions regarding hair length, comfortably and more. Your hands feeling your hair are better then anything else, our conservative approach archived 100% satisfaction as we take the unknown uncomfortable part out of you. This part is another very important key for your satisfaction.Our method of explaining different thing to you regarding your hair, the products that you may use, how they actually work on your hair and how to improve your hair condition proved again 100% satisfaction, without patronize anyone we believe that so far we helped lots of girls to understand their hair better, to withdraw habits that actually damaged their hair and to do things to reshape their hair to a better condition.